Dustin Hoffman Tries His Luck in new HBO series

New US TV horse racing drama Luck is attracting the big names one after another. Michael Mann is already on board to produce and direct the pilot, and now Dustin Hoffman is getting back to the goggle box for his first major TV role since the 70s.

We suppose it’s not too tough to believe given that the man behind the series is David Milch, who graduated from the likes of NYPD Blue to create the amazing Deadwood, and that the show will be on boundary–bashing cable channel HBO.

Hoffman will play the lead, Ace Bernstein, a 60-year-old inveterate gambler freshly out of prison. Dennis Farina, who worked with Mann on Crime Story, is playing Gus Economou, his driver and companion, while John Ortiz (a Mann veteran last seen in Public Enemies) is a charismatic Peruvian trainer.

Should be one to watch, if only to see how long Hoffman will commit to a TV show for.

Peter Oberth
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