Segel Will Star With The Muppets

Even as we edge closer to Disney finally starting production on the next Muppet movie, the details seem to keep shifting. The Hollywood Reporter has it that Jason Segel  – who co-wrote the script for the new film with Nicholas Stoller – has now officially come aboard to star alongside Kermit and co.

To be honest, it’s hardly big news: given his love for all things felt and fun, Segel was a shoo-in for at least a role in the film, and has promised to drag in friends from Judd Apatow’s canon. But word that he’ll be the main human was slightly more surprising given his lesser star power.

THR’s report also mentions that the plot is under wraps, though earlier news on the film usually had the furry friends trying to save their old theatre from demolition.

We’re sure that the final synopsis will arrive in due time, particularly once Segel and director James Bobin actually get to work on the thing.

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