John Singleton Plans Abduction

Shawn Christensen's buzzy screenplay for Abduction was snapped up in an aggressive bidding war last month by Lionsgate, with shirtless werewolf Taylor Lautner making space in his diary for the hot project. That project now has a director, in the form of John Singleton.

This is yet another gig to rack up for the Boyz N the Hood director, who after a lull of five years since Four Brothers, much of which was spent in A-Team development hell, is having a bit of a burst of activity. Abduction joins, on paper at least, Tulia (reuniting the Monster's Ball team of Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton), Marvel's Luke Cage, and the adaptation of the dire Vin Diesel videogame The Wheelman on Singleton's Things to Do list. He's almost as busy as Lautner.

Abduction, which everyone insists on saying will be like Bourne, is a twisty turny action mystery about a guy who finds one of his own baby pictures on a missing persons website, and starts to realise his "parents" may not be what they seem. We're guessing they won't turn out to be mutant sex aliens like in Society.

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