Anton Yelchin set to star in DreamWorks remake of Fright Night

Anton Yelchin, who's recently starred in two genre franchises (STAR TREK and TERMINATOR SALVATION) has signed on to help relaunch another. Yelchin will star in the DreamWorks remake of the 1985 horror classic FRIGHT NIGHT for director Craig Gillespie. He'll star as Charley Brewster (yup, they're keeping the names the same in the remake), a role originated by a pre-"Herman's Head" William Ragsdale.

Marti Nixon wrote the updated script, which the studio is hoping can reach DISTURBIA levels of success as the movies tread some of the same basic beats. In FRIGHT NIGHT a teen becomes convinced his creepy neighbor is something slightly more than just creepy; he's a vampire. Armed only with a few skeptical friends and the host of a late night TV show titled "Fright Night" (hey, coincidence that's the name of the movie too!), he aims to save himself and his family.

Gillespie (LARS AND A REAL GIRL) was a surprise choice to direct the remake but I'd much rather have a solid out-of-the-box choice like this than the same old horror guys again. Filming is set to begin this summer for a 2011 release.

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