Another potential replacement Spider-Man: Josh Hutcherson

While the buzz was once all about Logan Lerman for the new arachnid-infected Peter Parker in the SPIDER-MAN reboot, now we're hearing about some other kid contenders.

According to IESB, one potential teen webslinger is Josh Hutcherson (BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA). The site is quick to point out that the actor is merely on a "short list" of candidates, but it certainly seems like we'll be seeing some young competition to strap on the wrist-shooters (or ejaculate goop, if they go the organic route again).

The Sony relaunch is being directed (in 3D, natch) by (500) DAYS OF SUMMER's Marc Webb, and is purportedly planned for a July 2012 release. The reboot will supposedly take its cues from Brian Michael Bendis' Marvel comic series "Ultimate Spider-Man".

Hutcherson has been around for a while and worked with extensive FX (notably JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH and Jon Favreau's underappreciated ZATHURA, not to mention Robin Williams). He'll also appear in the upcoming RED DAWN remake (in the bloodthirsty C. Thomas Howell role) and in the Sundance fave lesbian comedy THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT.

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