DreamWorks to go back and convert old Shrek movies to 3D

Speaking recently at the National Association of Broadcasters convention DreamWorks Animation head Jeffrey Katzenberg refused to make any more derogatory comments towards upconverted 3D films like CLASH OF THE TITANS (he had previously said that "you cannot do anything that is of a lower grade and a lower quality" than TITANS). Maybe that's because he has some 3D conversion of his own up his sleeve.

Katzenberg announced that DWA will be converting the first three SHREK films into 3D and releasing them on 3D Blu-ray. Whether or not they'll see a limited theatrical re-release remains to be seen. Before you get too freaked about more crappy upconverted 3D movies, remember that movies like SHREK are basically created in 3D anyway and it's just a matter of rendering the so-called "second eye."

That's all well and good but would you be interested in paying another $35 for a 3D Blu-ray of a film that you've seen a couple times? And have 3D TVs really become that mainstream that we're producing content directly for that market share? I guess I shouldn't question Katzenberg who's probably done his share of studies on this but as a big fan of Blu-ray AND animation, I'm still not really interested in this.

Peter Oberth
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