Jennifer Aniston Has Wanderlust

Jennifer Aniston is a busy woman. She’s nabbed a role in Horrible Bosses and she’s also signed on to Wanderlust opposite Paul Rudd.

Right now, it’s a toss up as to which one pleases us most – Bosses boasts Jason Bateman, but Wanderlust has the triple threat of Rudd, Ken Marino and David Wain, who all helped Role Models turn out better than anyone expected.

Wain and Marino, two former members of comedy troupe The State, wrote the script with their old mucker Rudd. It finds a married couple deciding that modern life is not their cup of herbal tea. So they head off to join a freewheeling commune, with likely chaotic results. And hopefully very funny consequences too, given the team behind the screenplay.

With a certain Mr Judd Apatow on producing duties, this one should shoot in the autumn.

The two previously starred together in the final two seasons of Friends.

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