A First Look At Captain America

Looks like the US Army isn’t quite as good as keeping a tight rein on its secrets: either that, or Marvel is angling for a little easy publicity. But either way the first images of what Chris Evans will apparently look like as Captain America have hit the Interwebs.

JoBlo’s Mike Sampson got the first glance at the images (which Ain’t It Cool News have now published) last week, describing the look for the new Cap as one that keeps a lot of the hallmarks of his suit, while streamlining and blending in elements from more traditional World War Two US Army uniforms.

Captain America: The First Avenger follows Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), a regular army guy who takes part in a secret US military project to create a super-soldier. He becomes a true American hero, fighting off the Nazi hordes, including the evil Red Skull (Hugo Weaving).

According to director Joe Johnston, who talked to the Hero Complex blog earlier in the year, this is Steve Rogers’ second, main outfit. He’ll be seen in an earlier version crafted by the USO that’s a little flashier and closer to the original design of the comics. But this one? This is a little more practical and will hopefully come across as looking less cheesy when translated into living, breathing, Evans-shaped form on screen.

Also bear in mind that this is the test rendering, so elements may have changed slightly as the costume was tailored to the actor (ie his head will hopefully be back in proportion).

Given that these are sourced images and not an official studio release, they could vanish soon enough, so go take a gander and let us know your thoughts. Love the design? Loathe it? Indifferent?

Joe Johnston is shooting the movie right now in the UK and the film will hit our cinemas July 22 next year.

For more images, head on over to Ain't It Cool News.

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