Zac Efron to be The Lucky One?

Two of Hollywood’s most heart-breaking commodities – High School Musical’s megahunk Zac Efron, and novelist Nicholas Sparks, writer behind unabashed tear-enducers A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, and Dear John – are set to join forces in form of The Lucky One, a, you guessed it, North Carolina-based weepy.

Mr Efron has a number of different projects on his slate, but with reports of him being ‘in negociations’, the most likely pick seems to the eminently bankable Sparks project.

It's ready to roll with Warners, and with previous Sparks pieces easily hitting $80 million domestically it seems a little bit of an open goal.

Zac’s a talented, charming little fella, and only 22 to boot, so there’s plenty of time him to move to perhaps more challenging role later after the somewhat disappointing box office of Linklater’s Me And Orson Welles, but in the meantime, this Iraq war blubb-fest should be right up his audience’s proverbial street.

The plot revolves around Zac’s character, Logan Thibault, finding a picture of a beautiful woman half-buried in the sand. Three tours of duty in Iraq later, he calls it his good luck charm and sets out to find the woman in the picture once he’s back home.

Fate, destiny, love, a pretty boy in a uniform… there are fans out there who’d prebook tickets now if they could. Will you be one of them? Chances are no, we’re guessing, but still, there you go.

If you can’t wait for your Efron fix, you’ll, well, still just have to wait as his latest project, another Kleenex-demolisher, Charlie St. Cloud, out October 8.

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