Olivia Thirlby On For Judge Dredd

Now that DNA films and director Pete Travis have their scowl for under the cowl in Judge Dredd, they’ve turned to finding an actress to play telepathic rookie recruit Judge Cassandra Anderson. And the winning contender? Olivia Thirlby.

She’ll join Karl Urban (whose casting was confirmed at Movie-Con just last month) for the 3D adaptation of the 2000AD icon.

The film promises to wipe the memory of the 1995 Sylvester Stallone/Rob Schneider misfire from our collective cinematic memories, with a script by 28 Days Later writer Alex Garland. Dredd’s plot will find the experienced futuristic lawman trapped in one of Mega City One’s most dangerous high rises, fighting for his life with Anderson at his side. Talk about on-the-job training…

And yes, he’ll be keeping his helmet on this time.

Thirlby appeared in Juno as Ellen Page’s best friend, and she’s been shooting alien invasion pic The Darkest Hour. At least, she has when the production wasn’t shut down for two weeks due to choking smoke blanketing Moscow.

Travis is scheduled to kick off shooting on the $45 million film in South Africa later this year.

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