Michael Caine Goes Journeying

The cast for Journey to the Center of the Earth sequel The Mysterious Island is starting to gather its last few stragglers, with word that Michael Caine is in final negotiations to play a major part.

Just last week, director Brad Peyton recruited Dwayne Johnson to star alongside returning Journey actor Josh Hutcherson. His Rockness is playing Hutcherson’s mother’s boyfriend, a man who is roped into a trip to the titular island where Hutcherson hopes he’ll find his grandfather.

Caine, assuming he locks in his deal, will be featured as the adventurous grandpa, for a shoot that is planning to kick off next month in Hawaii and North Carolina.

But don’t expect him to be sitting around waiting to be rescued, oh no. According to the Heat Vision Blog, this will be an all-action role for Caine, with him tackling several chase scenes, including one with giant bees. Frankly, after seeing him be more of a support system in the likes of The Dark Knight and Inception, we’re more than ready to see him go all Harry Brown on some island-dwelling nasties.

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