Michael Caine Ready For Henry5?

Shakespeare. Science fiction: two great treats that taste great together, at least when used properly, in the likes of Forbidden Planet. Now a company called Darclight Films is hoping that the blend will work with the Bard's Henry IV and V filtered through an apocalyptic vision of the future in Henry5. To help its case, Darclight has attached Michael Caine, Ray Winstone, Gerard Depardieu, Derek Jacobi and Vinnie Jones to star.

The first word on the actors was tweeted by Production Weekly, and spotted by the eagle eyes of The Playlist team, who took a gander at Darclight’s site.

And while we say attached, we mean just that: the movie hasn’t shot a frame yet, and it’s still just a title for sale at this week’s American Film Market. So though it sounds enticing, there’s no guarantee that that raft of names will all stay on board once it secures some distribution cash and gets a filming date.

But the company also has Ridley Scott directing protégé (and veteran director of photography) Michael Anderson set up to call the shots on a film for the first time, with Anderson, Andrew Hislop and Steve Wilkinson adapting elements from the three plays (Henry IV is in two parts.)

And the basic plot of Henry5? Follow along, kids: (clears throat, adopts gravelly trailer voice) In a world torn apart by deceit and conflict, a prince sees a chance to save his kingdom by crushing a rebellion. But when he ascends to the throne himself, he discovers that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and to sate his need for conflict, he launches a war against a seemingly invincible neighbouring state. Despite the enemy’s overwhelming force, he scores a victory, only to learn that while he’s willing to do anything to win, so are his opponents…”

We’re actually excited to see this one get moving – fingers crossed the result is something watchable.

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