Captain America Gets Title Change Due to World Sensitivities

These are challenging times for America.

And challenging times call for heroes. Like Captain America.

But because these are also sensitive times, even heroes need to change their names.

Thus, Marvel Studios’ Captain America: The First Avenger is undergoing a title change when it rolls out in Russia, Ukraine and South Korea this summer, where it will be called simply The First Avenger.

LA Times’ Hero Complex got the scoop Friday, which said execs at Marvel and Paramount, which is distributing the movie, were “pleasanty surprised” the list of territories wasn’t larger.

While once America was a clear hero in the movies ("The Americans have a plan" line is just awesome if you watch Independence Day in other parts of the world), the past decade has been a little rough on flag-waving movies. Captain America joins other Hollywood movies that have been altered to smooth over political differences.

When Paramount made their 2009 G.I. Joe movie, the monicker “A Real American Hero” was discarded in favor of “The Rise of Cobra.”

And when Warner Bros. made Superman Returns, the line “Truth, Justice and the American Way” was changed to “truth, justice, all that stuff.”

In sensitive times, it seems like people may still love Hollywood, they may not want to be reminded that Hollywood is in America.

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