Wahlberg Looks To Start Good Time Gang

Jonah Hill has been making moves to prove that he’s more than just a comedy performer. Mark Wahlberg, on the other hand, has been blending action and drama with the comedic likes of The Other Guys. So it somehow makes sense that the pair would meet in the middle and consider starring in an action-comedy called Good Time Gang.

The LA Times has discovered that the pair is signing on for the film, which for now is being set up as an indie at RCR Pictures. The plot finds them playing two party-minded mercenaries who aren’t exactly the cream of the crop. But their usual levels of incompetence are tested even further when they take on a more serious case involving a terrorist and discover that one of them is related to the dastardly target.

With a script by Max Landis (who’ll likely need a few more credits under his belt before we can stop adding the “son of John” bit to his name), Gang is apparently being pitched as a Lethal Weapon-style romp that puts the action element ahead of the laughs.

As mentioned, Hill has been broadening his horizons recently, having just wrapped work on 21 Jump Street and cropping up in baseball drama Moneyball alongside Brad Pitt. He’ll also star in The Sitter later this year. Wahlberg, meanwhile, has been pushing his comedic chops, appearing in The Other Guys and Date Night, and working on Seth McFarlane’s Ted.

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