Ryan Reynolds Is Highlander

A double-dose of '80s reboot news to delight/horrify you this dank afternoon. Following on from some interesting Starship Troopers news earlier, it's emerged that Ryan Reynolds will be kilting up to play Connor MacLeod in the new Highlander.

Reynolds' casting has circulated the rumour mill for a few weeks now, with Summit in talks with the Canadian, and that news is official: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's man is Green Lantern, Deadpool and him of The Proposal all wrapped neatly into one chiselled package.

He has the charisma, he has the physique and he's handy with a sword (as he demonstrated in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) but can he handle expectations of Highlander's antique-but-still-dedicated fan base? Time will tell.

The screenplay comes from Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway who've teamed up with Twilight: Breaking Dawn scribe Melissa Rosenberg to nugget out the story, presumably scrawled in the blood of the immortals. Watch this space for more as we get it.

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