Singer Talks X-Men First Class Sequel

We’ve known since at least last November that a sequel to X-Men: First Class is underway at Fox, with the majority of the cast set to return, Simon Kinberg cranking out at least one draft of the script and director Matthew Vaughn once more calling the mutant shots. Now Bryan Singer has gone on record about at least the title and possible tone of the movie, dropping official word that it’ll be subtitled Days Of Future Past.

The title had been floating around the rumour void since June when Fox registered it as a domain name. Now Singer confirms the news.

First published in 1981, the ambitious Days Of Future Past comic run had major implications for the X-Men storylines and caused no little controversy, with a tale of Kitty Pryde visited by her future self and warned that the forthcoming murder of Senator Kelly was destined to lead to a future where mutants were interned in concentration camps and guarded by terrifying robot Sentinels. Kitty's role was to change that history and keep mutants free - which proved less than easy. The result was one of the great X-Men storylines.

Singer cautions that the new film’s script won’t stick completely to that story. “It deals with aspects of that comic, but also some new things. I just don’t want to give all of it away.” He hints that he, Kinberg, Vaughn and co want to explore the wider X-Men universe and even bring some connectivity between the First Class group and his films, which is something that Kinberg first broached at Comic-Con.

However it shakes out, it sounds like there are big plans afoot for the mutants...

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