ADULTish Debuts Season 3 Following 2017 Seoul Webfest Awards

Web series 2017 ADULTish won big at the 2017 Seoul Webfest, taking home awards for both “Best Webseries in All Genre” and "Best Actress” for Victoria Cheri Bennett's portrayal as Bevin, a young(ish) blogger who finds herself in the spotlight after her blog goes viral.

"Seoul Webfest was a surreal experience," says Bennett, who is also the creator of ADULTish and co-founder of Orphans Productions. "I spent most of the time just questioning if I was even there. The people were incredibly friendly, the city was very clean, the food was incredibly tasty. There was a little town that contained a tiny, cute comic book shop were we filmed our interviews; It was amazing. The awards we won were unbelievable. They definitely weren't the ones I was expecting to get, but they will be something I'll treasure for the rest of my life.”

ADULTish is available to stream on Footprint.TV where you can watch all seven episodes from Season 3 as well at catch up on episodes from the past two seasons. You can heck out the Season 3 trailer below!

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