Alexz Johnson

Alexz Johnson

Alexz Johnson is an independent Canadian singer/songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. With a unique soulful folk-pop sound and passionate songwriting style, its no wonder she’s been called a modern-day Stevie Nicks with the power of Bruce Springsteen and vocal soul of Adele. Her success in TV and film as a young adult helped Alexz garner a massive and supportive grassroots fan-following, supporting her loyally across the country this past Fall selling out her national club tour. Without the support of a label, her fans have financed many of her musical endeavors, most recently raising over $50,000 on PledgeMusic to help Alexz produce her forthcoming EP, HEART.

Happiness is:

A man made expectation!

Have you ever taken a picture of your food?

Of course! I think omelettes are pretty…

Are you predictable?

A bee just stung me!!

Favorite social media site?

Instagram. I. Adore. Instagram.

Do you drink enough water?

Does water in coffee count? Probably not? I drink more water when I'm on tour…

Word you always forget how to spell:

Answers. I sometimes spell as awnsers. How appropriate.

Character from a movie you would like to be:

Alice In Wonderland

You never have time for:

Ego and/or misogyny

You have thrived in the crowd funding platform. How important is that to you going forward?

It's project based. My goal around this new album is to make sure I deliver something I believe in and I'm proud of to those who stood behind me and backed it.

Did you come to New York from Canada solely for music opportunities?

Indeed. I wanted the experience of playing live in NYC and building an audience through live shows and touring.

Interview by Kara Johnson