Redlight King

Redlight King: Quickie 10

There's stubborn. And then there’s Kaz stubborn. The singer-songwriter of Redlight King refused to take no for an answer when music business suits denied his request to sample a Neil Young classic, pressing relentlessly until he got a "yes." More importantly, Kaz held on to vanquish the inner demons that nearly wrecked him several years ago. Now, with "Something for the Pain," Redlight King’s redemptive Hollywood Records debut album, Kaz relives both his darkest days and the turn-around, when he clawed his way back to the light.

1. Favorite song you perform?
Built To Last

2. One of your greatest strengths:
I have the ability to close my left eyelid without moving any other muscle on my face.  Try it.

3. What are you doing tomorrow?
Going to the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA

4. Favorite car and why?
Anything pre-1969 that was made in America.  Because it was made in America.

5. Any goals for this year?

To play at least 100 live shows

6. One of your pet peeves in life:
here's two- school yard bullies and sharks in suits

7. Before you die you have to:
Fly the Lancaster Bomber

8. What is something that always distracts you?
A beautiful woman

9. It seems like you split your passions between music and hot rods.
Any plans to combine the two passions in the future?  I live my life through music and I grew up in the hot rod culture so for me it's who I am, so they are already combined.

10. After receiving offers from various labels, how did you ultimately decide on Hollywood Records?
There were many factors, one major one being Bob Cavallo, and the second being the overall excitement at the label for our music and genre.

Interview by Kara Johnson