The Bangles

The Bangles: Quickie 10

Susanna Hoffs and sisters Vicki and Debbie Peterson have teamed up for their first album of new material in nearly eight years, Sweetheart of the Sun. The album features the group's inventive incorporation of '60s folk rock, sunny SoCal harmonies and Beatles/Byrds/Beach Boys/Big Star godhead. After the band split in the late 1980s after dominating the charts with hits like "Walk Like An Egyptian" and "Eternal Flame," and officially reformed in 1999 to record "Get The Girl" for the soundtrack of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

1. Do you need a passport to visit Bangleonia?
It’s a free country!! All are welcome.

2. The last movie you saw in theaters...
Was, believe it or not, Spy Kids 4…Ahh the beauty of having kids!!

3. My favorite "Bangles" song is...
There are quite a few, but I still like “Let It Go”. “Anna Lee”’s up there too!

4. Ever graffti anything?
Yes, my school desks!

5. When baking, my cupcakes keep collapsing.  Any advice for that?
I don’t have that problem!!

6. Do you ever walk like a cat...or maybe an Australian?
No, but my daughter does a great cat impersonation..

7. What is the oddest superstition that you have?
I tap on the side of the plane when I’m boarding it.

8. How many songs were recorded for "Sweetheart of the Sun".  Will any of the unreleased songs see the light of day?
Actually for this record, the 12 were it. We did include on this record some songs that didn’t make “Doll Revolution”.

9. 'Ball N Chain' is an early 90s song that never saw the light of day until 'Sweetheart of the Sun'.  What made you dust it off now?
It’s a song I could always hear the Bangles do. I was pleased the other girls liked it.

10. It has been nearly a decade since your last release.  At any point during that hiatus, was there thought that The Bangles were over?


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