Hailing from Los Angeles, VARNA has played various iconic venues, such as The Viper Room and House of Blues. A mix of commercial pop vocals accompanied by hard rock guitars, their songs emotional lyrics deal with the ups and downs of life, making sure that the end result is always uplifting.

Something on your to do list:

Buy a new refrigerator! My fridge is broken and I have been eating delivery every night for dinner! I try my best to eat a vegan diet 5 days a week and this has thrown off my whole routine.

Are you easily distracted?

It depends on the situation. When I'm focused, nothing can distract me.

Last thing you spilled?

Don't remember. I'm not clumsy in that way. I did get BBQ sauce on my friend's sweatshirt that I borrowed, when I was cooking the other day. Does that count?

Do you believe in fate?

Yes. I also believe everything happens for a reason, which is a unique philosophy because I'm not a religious person. I believe the world puts opportunities in front of you and it's your job to make a decision.

How do you take your coffee?

I have never had a cup of coffee in my life. I don't like it. Coca-Cola on the other hand..Someone get me a sponsorship! :)

Character from a TV series you would like to be:

I always thought it would be cool to be any kind of 'femme fetale' martial arts super-hero (ie. The Fifth Element)

Does your shampoo have a scent?

Yes. I have VERY LONG HAIR. Taking care of it is essential.

Have you ever had an overdue movie rental?

All the time! I am that person that always ends up paying $15.00 to rent a movie because of my overdue fees. I have Netflix now, so that won't happen anymore since they closed down the video store near my place.

What is the story behind changing your name from Living Eulogy?

Everyone thought we were a Christian Metal Death band! No one could remember or pronounce it. We also went through a ton of band member changes and needed a new fresh start to the band.

You have receive attention from around the world. Where is your most surprising fan base located?

We just found out people illegally downloaded our EP in Russia. Which we thought was awesome. We are all about getting our music out to the masses. If people like your music, they will pay you in other ways, either to see your show or buy your merchandise. They are so many avenues for bands to make money now. It is all good for us! To Russia, With Love, VARNA!

Interview by Kara Johnson