A Whisper In Noise: Dry Land

Dry Land

(A Whisper In Noise)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It goes against better nature to include the word Masterpiece as pertaining to an artist’s contribution to their art but in my personal opinion A Whisper in the Noise have created a masterpiece in their album Dry Land.

The above statement will find plenty of naysayers and disagreement from even listeners who will hear and enjoy the album. There is a certain sense of repetitiveness about the album only in the respect that the band exists on a minimalist level. Most of the tracks are haunting thematic pieces of a moody piano driven core backed by an improvisational sounding drum technique that will remind some of maybe The Dresden Dolls. The vocals are deep almost to the point of becoming drab but just hanging on enough to give a mystery to the music and captivates you to listen on. It’s a hypnotizing effect especially when the band includes string instruments that seem to add a sorrowfulness to the overall package. Some bands can put out this form of minimalist recording and come off completely sounding like they simply spent a few hours in a hole in the wall café where real talent isn’t afraid to be seen and ran with the delivery. A Whisper in the Noise seems to transcend the genre they find themselves in and expertly translate their music into poetry in motion. Given the imagination of the listener this album can take you anywhere with its accessible moodiness and atmospheric tone. This is my reasoning for labeling this album a Masterpiece. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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