Almost Famous (BLU-RAY)

Almost Famous

On Blu-Ray: 
Sunday, January 30, 2011
Running Time: 
162 minutes

Almost Famous came out in 2000 to widespread critical acclaim. Cameron Crowe's semi-autobiographical drama explores a young journalist's first taste at fame when he tours with the rock band Stillwater covering them for a cover story.

William Miller is only 15 years old when he gets the opportunity of a lifetime covering an up-and-coming band for the prestigious Rolling Stone magazine. While touring with them, he experiences things that would have never happened otherwise; he looses his virginity, falls in love, etc. The film features the talent of Kate Hudson, Jason Lee, Anna Paquin, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman and has won two Golden Globes and an Academy Award among others. 

Despite being 10 years old, the film looks remarkably excellent when transfered to Blu-ray. The film takes place in the 70s and has a very distinct Polaroid camera type tone that gives it an old school look. For a film focusing primarily on rock and roll, the audio is surprisingly lacking. While it's not horrible, it can sound faint at times.

-Commentary by Director Cameron Crowe
-Intro by Cameron Crowe
-The Making of Almost Famous
-B-Sides: Behind-the-Scenes Footage
-"Love Comes and Goes" - the demo vocals by Nancy Wilson
-"Small Time Blues," "Fever Dog" Music Video
-Cleveland Convert
-Interview with Lester Bangs
-Cameron Crowe's Top 10 Albums of 1973
-Rolling Stone Articles
-Theatrical Trailer HD

The Director's Edition of the film includes a ton of special features and extras. In addition, the film itself is almost 40 minutes longer than the theatrical version with added deleted scenes. There are also a bunch of little hidden voice tracks from Cameron Crowe all over the disc.

The one major problem is that The Bootleg Cut is exclusive to Best Buy at the moment so if you want all the special features, you're going to have to go there to get them. Still, Almost Famous is a fantastic film and this edition comes with a slew of extra content so it comes highly recommended, regardless where it's available.

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