Amarachi: All or Nothing

All or Nothing

Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
My first go round with Amarachi took a little adjusting. I didn’t know exactly what to expect just from the cover and I was taken aback when the music was a cross between Tracy Chapman and Nina Simone. 
Amarachi’s voice is smoky and sensual while the music on the album is very subtle, almost organic sounding. Production is vamped up at all which gives the album a mostly raw sound I imagined was taking place in a single room in someone’s house or some quiet Jazz club. 
Lyrically Amarachi had me on the fence at first. I found myself in a constant loop of just accepting what was being sung and being pulled over to the side of the fence where I wanted to dislike the lyrical content because it seemed like it was putting up a lot of pop culture references. In the end though, with that voice and the subtly of the music, everything is peeled away to reveal a not so average singer and a more down to Earth scoop of lyrics that feel less written and more lived. 
All or Nothing contains only six tracks, but memorable ones. My few quips are that one track the music and vocals sound a bit off and that the album feels too short once I got into it. I hear she has another album before this one so I’ll have to check that out. Worth checking in to if you like Jazz or even almost folk tendencies. Enjoy. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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