Barkhouse: Wolves At The Wall

Wolves At The Wall

Release Date: 
Tuesday, November 18, 2014

First impressions are the most important of the impressions, that's true of meeting of someone for the first time as well as listening to a band for the first time. EP's are a good way for bands to introduce themselves to the world by putting out what they believe is their best songs so that the first impression is a good one. Barkhouse, a three man group, has done exactly that with their EP, “Wolves At The Wall”. Five rock songs are on this EP by Will de Zengotita, Jay Mort, and Olmo Tighe, that are quite interesting and catchy to listen to.
This was a good first impression that Barkhouse gave me with this EP of theirs. They make the most out of the 5 songs that they have put on the EP Wolves At The Wall. The opening track, named same as the EP is, opens with groovy and simple keyboard tempo that caught my attention right off. This one song is simple but in it's simplicity this group has created a fun and likable song. Barkhouse picked the right song to have as their opening track because this song calls out to be listened to and enjoyed. As do the other 4 tracks.
What I like is that the songs have a current rock beat to them while also blending in some 70's like rhythms. This blending of sounds has created some catchy songs that I was listening to multiple times. Which is really easy to do because even though I know that I just listened to the songs, they are played with varying sounds. Though they do sound different, I can hear that Barkhouse is creating a sound that would be distinctly their own. Formatting of the songs are done well on this EP, having a song that gets your attention on the opening and one that is a great closing song that leaves you with wanting more. Vocals are strong and stable where they match the harmony of the tempo that the instruments are putting out. This is one of those EP's that can be liked by nearly anyone that listens to it, and that's an impressive feat in itself.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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