Beauty and the Beast 3D

Beauty and the Beast

In Theatres: 
Jan 13, 2012
Running Time: 
84 minutes

Beauty and the Beast is perhaps one of the best when it comes to Disney’s hand drawn classics. Since its original release in 1991, there have been plenty of re-releases over the years but none have been more impressive than Beauty and the Beast in 3D. After the huge success of last year’s The Lion King 3D, it was inevitable that Disney would go back through its vast catalog and select more films to receive the high definition 3D treatment. With its beautiful animations and timeless story, Beauty and the Beast was naturally a perfect fit.

The film follows Belle, a young woman who would rather have her head in a good book than swoon over some jerk with big muscles. That would be Gaston, an avid hunter and talk of the town whose ego is the only thing bigger than his biceps. Deep within the forest next to their little town is a castle where a cursed prince who has been transformed into a hideous beast lives. After Belle’s father gets locked up by the Beast after accidentally stumbling upon the castle, it’s Belle who gives herself up in exchange for her father’s freedom. Now she must spend forever with the Beast, but as we soon find out there’s more to him than his ferocious exterior. Is Belle the girl who will find true beauty within the Beast and break the horrid curse?

Disney has gone and done an impressive job at restoring and remastering the original film for 3D theaters. The colors are vibrant, and the animations are smooth. Seeing Beauty and the Beast on a theatrical screen again is truly a sight to behold. The 3D effects look good and do well to immerse you into the story. Never is it distracting. Surprisingly though, the famous ballroom scene wasn’t as amazing as I originally thought it would be. There were definitely moments where the 3D could have been utilized a little more. Thankfully, there were no moments where you feel the technology should have been used less.

As an added cherry on top, the film also features a new short beforehand called Tangled Ever After. It depicts the wedding of Flynn and Rapunzel and the maddness that ensues when Maximus and Pascal loose the wedding rings. It's absolutely hilarious and worth the price of adminsion alone. 

Beauty and the Beast 3D is a shining example of classic Disney brought back for a new generation. The songs, the dances, the visuals, the story; everything blends together to showcase the amazing talent Disney is known for. If you enjoyed The Lion King in 3D, Beauty and the Beast delivers the same magical experience.

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Matt Rodriguez
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