Beethoven's Big Break

Beethoven's Big Break

On DVD: 
Friday, December 26, 2008
Running Time: 
60 minutes

Big cuddly St. Bernard is back. This time his owner is an animal trainer and a single dad, Eddie (Jonathan Silverman) after his son Billy (Moises Arias) begs to adopt this gigantic and slobbery dog. Beethoven catches the attention of a movie director (Eddie Griffin) and a producer (Rhea Perlman) when he chases a little iguana. Beethoven becomes a movie star of the movie called “Beethoven”. But of course there is someone who does not like Beethoven’s new success and fame.


This is the sixth installment in the Beethoven film series, but I have only seen the first two. If you have seen the original, you can expect the same types of chaos created by this Beethoven. He runs away, knocks down people, destroys everything, and slobbers everywhere, and he has a huge appetite. From the songs played in the movie, such as by The Jonas Brothers, to some tacky comical scenes and the predictable plot, adult viewers may find the movie silly, but who can resist the playful cute puppies!


The special features are also accommodating to children, and one of them “How Did They Do That?” is quite educational and entertaining. It shows three different St. Bernard dogs play the role of Beethoven, and how the dogs and other animals are trained. Speaking of animal training, Cesar Milan a.k.a.The Dog Whisperer makes a memorable cameo appearance.


Unfortunately, since the previous installments have already covered major funny moments (which are Beethoven’s wild behaviors), nothing really surprises those who have seen the early Beethoven movies. Still, there is no doubt in my mind that the young viewers will certainly be fascinated and entertained by Beethoven; furthermore, they may learn a few responsibilities of pet ownership. Therefore, if your children love family dog movies, Beethoven’s Big Break is worth checking out. Be prepared for a lot of slobber.


Special Features:

  • Audio commentary track with the cast and director.
  • Two deleted scenes
  • Gag reel
  • “How Did They Do That?” behind-the-scene featurette
  • Interview with Moises Arias
Review by Pat Trabi