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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The popularity of the original BBC version of Being Human led to its American reboot debut last year, and while it hasn’t exactly been a smooth ride for the show, it’s done well enough to green light a second season. The first season ended with the death of vampire leader Bishop at the hands of none other than Aiden, and Josh finally revealing his werewolf secret to his girlfriend Nora. Sally, meanwhile, lost her opportunity to pass on to the next life when her door disappeared. Will the second season provide any respite for these tortured souls?

Season 1 pretty much ended just as the original BBC version did, and Season 2 starts out somewhat similar but has plenty of differences as well. The relationship between Josh and Nora is on edge as she finally knows the truth about his feral identity, not to mention she now has scratches on her own arm. Is it possible that she’s now a werewolf too? With the death of Bishop, Aidan must pick up the pieces left behind in the vampire community. The peace is short lived, however, when “Mother” comes by for a visit to assess the damage. It looks like Aidan won’t be getting that freedom he longed for anytime soon. Sally on the other hand is just beginning to come to terms with being a ghost and even makes a few new dead friends after visiting her old high school reunion.

Personally, I’m a fan of the BBC series a lot more. Their characters simply have more depth and mystery about them. Aiden and Josh are simply too similar, despite their vampire and werewolf bloodlines. That being said, after watching two episodes, the show is beginning to grow on me. Sally’s viewpoint is definitely the most intriguing, perhaps because it’s vastly different from the original. The vampire underground world of Aiden is also particularly interesting, although there’s still much to be revealed this season.

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