Ben Rudnick and Friends: Love Is A Super Power

Love Is A Super Power

(Ben Rudnick and Friends)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One of the biggest problems with being a long time music and movie critic is that if you’ve been doing it long enough you’ll feel that you’ve heard everything. It’s not quite fair to the newcomers but it’s also high praise when they manage to pull off a thumbs up. Ben Rudnick and Friends receive neither a thumbs up or a thumbs down in regard to their latest release, Love Is A Super Power. The album goes to great length to give a diversified collection of songs to their little fans and keep it interesting for parents. You’ve got a bit of reggae, some country twang, a bit of blues, and some rock edge. Unfortunately Rudnick and Friends are just a bit too Wiggles for my liking.

I think for the demographic that the band is serving to it’s all fine. Kids want silly and goofy with a zany vibe to their music. It helps them get their giggle on and Rudnick’s imaginative songs are enough to get a kid daydreaming. My problem was that the songs felt like they lacked depth. I couldn’t help but feel like the chorus' were too repetitive which made the songs feel like they were overstaying their welcome just a bit.

The music on the album is proficient, to put it bluntly, but it failed to wow me. Again, mark this up to having been completely amazed by some of the kids acts out there today that seem to have the right balance between kid cool and keeping it real. Sure the album sounds good, but it also sounded like the band was intentionally catering to the younger crowd which feels bit forced at times.

This is the bands 10th album since they began in 2000. Again, great for the kiddies who only want to be entertained, but not as impressive for me as I would have hoped it would be. As always final judgment is yours. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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