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Blue Moon Harem: Finland


(Blue Moon Harem)
Release Date: 
Friday, September 16, 2011
Album Guests:

Jack Cavalier, Dave Cirella, Steve Hart

To avoid the whole “Boys from Boston” intro let me just start off by saying that fans of Live, Third Day, and Jars of Clay will adore Blue Moon Harem’s latest release, Finland. The album mixes prog rock with a slight country sway in vocals in a majority of the album tracks but the band also takes off in flights of more aggressive fronts that border hard rock. This is very radio friendly stuff but hardly fluff. I could listen to the album several times and never come to the conclusion that maybe BMH are trying top hard to keep it safe.

Production on the entirety of the album is fantastically crisp. Guitar work here is so solid and life like you’d think at times the performance was being performed in whatever room you may be enjoying the album in. Vocals are fantastic as well. Jonathan Bix has a wonderful voice that shows range and skill that makes every track a real pleasure to listen to. I can see other bands, and I’ve heard some, who would attempt this particular sound and simply come off a bit phony. Bix’s vocals are sincere and delivered with a powerhouse performance that gives vindication to the album’s lyrics. Really great stuff.

For me there wasn’t one track on the album that I feel it could have gone without, even the introduction to Finland which is a spacey 50+ second intro that just feels ominous approaching the slightly aggressive sounding tune. So if you’re a fan of the above mentioned bands or just prog rock your more then likely going to be in love with this album as much as I am. Definitely worth checking out. As always final judgment is yours. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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