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Breakout Kings

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Upon watching Breakout Kings, I didn’t know what to expect but I can say that by the time I reached the climatic end, I was thoroughly impressed.  I think it was well casted. Being a major movie and film critic, I would actually give this a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.  I say that because of how well the storyline is written and of course, as I said, how well it was casted.  The dialogue goes hand in hand with the action of the film.  Nothing seems over exaggerated.  From the introduction, the creators of Breakout Kings grabs the viewers’ attention effortlessly with a well thought out concept of the police department using highly experienced criminals to catch and help solve some of their most difficult cases.

You may be thinking, why would the police use criminals to catch other criminals?  Wouldn’t there be fear of them turning on the cops?  They took that into consideration and did a good job telling the story and it will leave you believing it and leaving nothing seeming too far-fetched or extra ordinary.

The reason why the criminals wouldn’t run is because there’s a fair exchange.  For every super criminal they help catch, its’ time shaved from their original prison sentence.  At the slight chance of getting out of line, they are immediately off the case and they get time added to their original sentence for trying to take advantage of the police.  The cast is divided up in a very interesting motley crew of characters.

You have the intelligent criminal with experience in the psychology medical field. You have the bounty hunter’s daughter that is said to be a better tracker than the any U.S.  Marshal.  Let’s not forget, you have the entrepreneur, business man who is very street savvy.  The twist, one of the officers that lead this crew of interesting characters has also been on the other side of the law himself.

I would recommend this film to anyone that is looking for a well-written story with great, unexpected twists and any fans of cop and crime shows would appreciate it.  There’s even a lot of well-orchestrated comic relief throughout the entire series.  As a watcher, it’s not so serious and mundane.  I recommend this sitcom as one of the better series I’ve watched and really looking forward to getting into the second season.

Zione Michaels
Review by Zione Michaels
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