Bugsy (Unrated Extended Cut)


On DVD: 
Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Running Time: 
2 Hours, 15 Minutes

Special Features: Never-before-seen deleted scenes / “The Road to Damascus: The Reinvention of Bugsy Siegel” featurette / Bugsy Siegel’s “Screen Test”.

Ben “Bugsy” Siegel (Beatty) is a mobster’s mobster who leaves his established criminal setup in New York to step up to the even bigger leagues of the Los Angeles rackets. Soon enough his plans go awry after he romances a Hollywood starlet (Bening) and runs afoul of his criminal investors. Killarity ensues.

First off, I don’t get this movie. It’s got a decent enough mob story with violence and money and all that kind of criminal stuffs that should make it pretty spiffy. Somewhere between the cast and direction I couldn’t suspend my disbelief and appreciate the story for what it was. I only ever saw actors, sets, lighting, and so forth. No believable world.

Maybe that’s just me. Anyways, the extended cut doesn’t offer a whole lot more than the original release. 15 minutes of additional footage that you basically won’t notice.

Warren Beatty once stated in a DVD special features interview that he dislikes DVD special features interviews and questions the people who enjoy such additional content. He basically said “You people who are watching me right now, you’re dumb. I think you’re dumb.” After that point I gave up all appreciation or hope for DVD content in a Warren Beatty movie beyond occasionally enjoying the film itself. It’s for the best, as the extras in Bugsy: Extended Cut would have disappointed me a bit if I didn’t already have low expectations.

You get one featurette with Beatty, writer James Toback, and director Barry Levinson conversing about the film without saying much that I found interesting. To their credit the featurette goes on for more than an hour. Most DVD interview extras that I’ve seen don’t go far beyond 20 minutes. Outside of “The Road to Damascus” you get two deleted scenes and the clip of Bugsy’s screen test that is playing on the projector when he is shot at the end of the film.

I’m just not impressed by the extras here. If you love this movie like I would love a six-breasted Heidi Klum, go ahead and buy this extended cut. Otherwise stick with the original or just ignore it like I do.

Review by Baron Aloha