Carjacked (BLU-RAY)


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Tuesday, November 22, 2011
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89 minutes
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Lorraine (played by Maria Bello) is not a decisive woman, her ex-husband is abusive, and she has to go to meetings just to
get through the day. While out one night with her son Chad (played by Connor Hill), Lorraine stops for some food and gas
but what she picks up is more than she had bargained for. Roy (played by Stephen Dorff) takes Lorraine and her son Chad
hostage after he robs a bank earlier in the day. After getting pushed too far, Lorraine decides that she’s no longer going
to be the push over by taking control of her situation by becoming angry.
The title of this movie pretty much says it all, Carjacked. It’s a simple plot really, a woman who gets treated like she’s
nothing is taken hostage by a bank robber and by the end she learns that she really does have what it takes to protect her
child. I suppose it could be said that’s it’s a coming of personality movie but I doubt it will be considered a good movie.
There’s two reasons why this movie wasn’t that good for me, the characters and the flow. Maria Bello is supposed to be the
main character Lorraine, a woman with a rough life because her ex-husband treats her like she’s an idiot, she is unsure
about what to do in life, and she’s broke, all the while being a mother. Only problem though is that she don’t end up being
the main character, Roy, Stephen Dorff’s character becomes the center character.
During the process of watching this movie I went back and forth between thinking that Maria Bello was doing such a good job
portraying this woman who is weak, a push over, and someone who is hard to be liked, that it was the reason why I didn’t
like the character. But then I thought, no I don’t like the character because the character has not been given anything to
be liked. By the end of the movie it turns out that it’s a little of both. Maria Bello does a good job with her character
because she really does seem to be this character but the character isn’t given anything to allow me to like her or root
for her. In a movie where it’s about a woman and her child that’s been kidnapped I’m supposed to want her to find a way to
get out of her situation. This don’t happen, at no time did I really care if she got out of it or not, she actually got on
my nerves at times because I thought why didn’t she just run right there? And it’s here during these scenes that Stephen
Dorff’s character becomes the point of interest because his character, though bad, was given some personality. I know he’s
a bad guy, I don’t root for him, but I liked his character because he had a goal, he has a reason for being the way he is,
whereas Lorraine just seems to be there.
Second aspect that makes this movie hard to watch is the flow. During the whole time of watching Carjacked, I kept waiting
for something to happen, anything, even if it was that the character of Lorraine ended up liking Roy, at least I knew
something was happening. This is a movie that lasts an hour and a half. It’s also a movie that has an hour and 15 minutes
of nothing and then 5 minutes of real movement of plot, and then 10 minutes of a ending. Even with this being a character
driven movie, and it is, there’s this hint that there’s some sort of action is going to happen, but it don’t. Maybe it can
be consider a suspense movie because I as left in suspense of when anything was going to happen. And by the time it did
happen I just didn’t care.

I might not have liked the flow of the plot, the characters had me liking the wrong ones, and I think it should have been
shorter, but I got to say it looked pretty. The majority of this movie is shot at night, which means a lot of dark areas in
the shots. This also means that there could have been a lot of noise, that snowy looking dots in the picture, the grain
that can turn a good movie into something that looks bad. None of that’s in this movie and because of that I’m impressed.
There are a lot of good cinematography being used in this movie and those shots are improved because of how clear and crisp
the picture looks. 
Lee Roberts
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