On DVD: 
Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Running Time: 
111 minutes

Casanova has spent his lifetime jumping from one woman to the next, who are more than willing to throw themselves at the famous ladies man. However his reputation has an inquisitor searching him out to have him arrested. But Casanova is distracted by the intelligent feminist Francesca that wants nothing to do with him and is already promised to another man. From there you are taken on an amusing journey of mistaken identities, disguises, and real love finding a way.

First I have to say that the R rating still confuses me, I didn’t really see anything that warranted that; but anyway. Now unlike many movies that are period pieces this one isn’t a drama. There are a few moments of drama; but it is more of a romantic comedy. Also don’t expect too much in ways of being historically accurate. Keeping those things in mind this is a funny and charming movie. It is nothing new in ways of the plot but Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller do have a spark on screen, the standout performance though has to go to Oliver Platt. He manages to lighten every scene. So if you are looking for a decent date night film and want something that guys can slightly get into as well this is one to go for.

Review by Pandora
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