Chapter 27

Chapter 27

On DVD: 
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Running Time: 
84 minutes

“Chapter 27” follows only a few days in Mark David Chapman’s life leading up to him killing John Lennon. The problem with this movie is there isn’t much too it. You are pretty much just listening to ramblings about “Catcher In The Rye”, a few cameos of Lindsay Lohan, and scenes that do not always lead into one another well. It is disappointing because Jared Leto actually gives a wonderful performance and it is even more impressive with the lack of material he is given.

Focusing only on a few days I believe is a huge mistake, you feel like somehow you came in right in the middle of a movie and are missing a big plotline. As far as a more in-depth story “The Killing Of John Lennon” gives you much more information on Mark David Chapman; but they both have the same problem and that is you never get any answers as there are none to be given. Great acting in a horrible movie makes this one not worth watching as it not only didn’t entertain it wasted Jared Leto’s talent.

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