Chillerama (BLU-RAY)


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Tuesday, November 29, 2011
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120 minutes
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Technology has taken it’s toll for drive-in theaters and now it’s the last night for the last drive-in theater in America. The last night is going to be one memorable night as Cecil B. Kaufman (played by Richard Riehle) picks 4 films that has never been seen to have a marathon for all the faithful patrons. After watching these 4 films chaos will be unleashed at the drive-in but will it happen because of the movies or are the movies just a copy of what is really going on at the theater?

I’ve seen a lot of horror movies over the years that range from the make you jump in your seat to I want to barf because it’s so gross and I love it. Then there is Chillerama, a spoof of horror movies but of the classic horror movie. It’s 4 movies in this one that are all set up like they were made in the past with all the grain, scratches, and very cheesy plots. One is about a killer sperm, another has Hitler creating a Frankenstein of his own, one is about singing vampires, and the last, well that one was just gross.

Chillerama starts with a depraved and disgusting scene in a graveyard that leads into the plot of one man turning everyone in the drive-theater into blue goo gushing zombies. That’s the main plot that’s shown between each of the 4 movies that make for even more laughter and raunchiness to this movie. My first thought was that Chillerama was going to be some cheesy horror movies that are a spoof of the old cheaply made movies where giant tomatoes are killing people and guess what it is. Though it’s just done in a disgusting manner where there’s scenes that had me thinking that it was a bit too much.

As raunchy and at times disgusting Chillerama is, it’s still fun to watch. The whole thing is so cheaply made, at least it’s made to look like it’s one of those old thousand dollar horror films, and it does it well. If the acting had been serious, if the plots had made sense, or if there wasn’t the old cheap look in everything from the wardrobe, sets, and to the quality of film, Chillerama would have been horrible. It’s the cheesy, low quality, bad acting, tongue in cheek that makes this actually bearable to watch. There’s nothing to these movies, they are done cheaply, and there are a lot of disgusting moments that would make this movie something to turn off. In fact if you are not a big fan of horror movies as well as the movies that try to take it to the next level, then this won’t be too much fun to watch. For me, I like to laugh at times when watching a horror movie and this is what Chillerama did, made me laugh, a lot.

Oddly enough this is a Blu Ray that is meant to not look like a Blu Ray. At least one that has that crystal clear quality that make Blu Rays famous. From the start to the end the way this movie looks is as if it was filmed during the 60’s where there is grain, noise, and scratches in the film. It looks horrible, but at the same time it looks good. It does have a clear picture, clear enough that it makes the noise, scratches, and everything else done to make the picture look old stand out even more. Best yet, this B-movie has some good bonus features, like the deleted scenes, yep I do like the deleted scenes.

Lee Roberts
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