On DVD: 
Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Running Time: 
89 minutes

Tom Carver is an ex-cop that now makes a living cleaning up crime scenes after the police are done. So when he takes a job to clean up after a homicide he doesn’t think anything of it. But when he returns to the house later to return the key and the wife has no knowledge of the job Tom begins to realize that there is a chance he is being set up. Using his instincts as a cop and the wife there to help find out what happened to her husband he uncovers a path that may have all his past mistakes being brought to the surface again.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect with the movie when I picked up the DVD. I mean come on Samuel L. Jackson hasn’t really made some of the best movie choices in awhile and I only heard of this movie maybe a week before. But as far as acting Jackson doesn’t disappoint and neither does Ed Harris. The story is sort of interesting, I mean it managed to hold most of my attention; but if you do zone out for a minute or two you won’t be lost. There are a bunch of twists & turns, attempts to throw you off of the ending; but you will probably still get there before the movie does. Was it a great movie? No; but it certainly isn’t the worst thriller out there. For me it was very middle of the road; if some asks me about it I could tell you the ending but unless someone else brings it up “Cleaner” wouldn’t come to mind as a movie choice. Bonus features: commentary with the director & deleted scenes.

Review by Pandora
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