D Edwards: Love Is

Love Is

(D Edwards)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Love Is", is an appropriate name for the new album out by D. Edwards. Listening to these songs on this album is like a personal moment or maybe I should say moments, with D. Edwards. Make no mistake in thinking this album is going to be some sappy, love filled songs that is about how great life is now that the singer is in love because it's not sappy at all. These songs really are not sappy, they still are love songs, they are emotional, and they are about feelings that are tender hearted. If you are looking for songs that will get you bouncing off the walls, "Love Is", isn't the album for you to listen to. However, if you are wanting to listen to some songs that are easy, tender, emotional, and does have the world is great because of a loved one, then "Love Is", is the album for you.
In my many reviews that I've done over the years, I've kept an open mind to all music that I've listened to, even with ones that I don't prefer. Some I found I couldn't stand at all but there are some that I listened to that turned out to be good and surprised me in making me like some music that I didn't prefer at the start of listening to them. One such set of songs is the love songs. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like love songs or songs filled with happy emotions, it's just that for me they are one of the most in the moment kind of song there is. If a relationship I was in just ended, I don't want songs that are about how in love someone is, no matter how well the songs are played, or maybe I'm still in a relationship and it's either going bad or just hit a plateau but the same goes for being in the mood. However, if I'm just starting a relationship or maybe talking to someone and I realize I'm falling in love, well then, that's another story. Now these songs that D. Edwards is singing go from just songs to listen to into songs that connect.
This is a good album, as far as the structure of the songs, the beats, the tempos, and the vocals, they're all good. D. Edwards has a very good and strong voice where he is not only able to sing these songs well, but he is able to sing them where his voice is smooth and easy to listen to. One phrase that kept popping into my head while listening to this album is that this was the first time I've heard an album that sounded soft spoken. It's not, it just sounds that way at times because D. Edwards has a way of making his voice be soft yet still strong. He's sure of himself, that confidence comes across in his music to allow the songs to be strong. Aside from all the emotion that the lyrics have and that are in the vocals, if you just listen to this album for the elements, how well the vocals are sung, how the instruments are played, or how it's all put together, then you will hear a good album. There are some catchy beats in the songs, the tempos are smooth and easy to listen to, and sometimes the songs can be a bit hypnotizing. "Love Is", is a emotional fill album but the songs are composed and sung well, there's some trendy sounds being played, and if someone is just starting a relationship or is really in love, well then, this is the album for them.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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