Death Note 2: The Last Name

Death Note 2: The Last Name

In Theatres: 
Oct 15, 2008

Picking up close to where the last one left off, L has invited Light to join the team and help catch Kira. But even with this jester L still suspects Light of being Kira and the game of cat and mouse continues. The introduction of a second Kira, one who is more vocal and seems to kill more at random puts the whole team on edge. This leaves L to take action on his thoughts and both Misa Misa and Light are put in holding and monitored.  L realizes that his plan will not draw Kira out and he will have to come up with another; but Light too has his own plan in play. Leaving you to guess if Light will get caught, will Kira finally get L, and will anyone finally put together how the killings are happening. All your questions will be answered by the end.

I will start off by saying, even though it does follow the anime or manga a little this movie it really starts to drift away by the end. And for those that are fans of those two I will let you know that Near & Mellow do not make an appearance. So if you think that is enough to ruin the movie for you that is your loss. For me knowing that it was not going to follow the story exactly going in made it easier to watch. And let’s face it some things just do not translate on to screen that well so things are omitted from books and other media all the time when it becomes a film.

As far as the movie, I really enjoyed it. I felt it kept up if not surpassed the intelligent plots, interesting twists, and great acting of the first. There were even a few funny parts to lighten the tension. While I feel that the actress that played Misa was a little weaker than the other actors on screen it wasn’t enough to ruin it for me. And of course I was thrilled to see L back on screen. All the actors have returned for this movie which is most certainly a plus.

Once again you have Ryuk on screen and he is now joined by Rem. I wish I could say that the Shinigami effects have improved; but sadly they have not. But since I was able to push past them in the first movie and knew it would be coming in this one they really were not a distraction and I’ve actually come to like them both for their characters.

Now if you have not seen the first I would strongly urge you too and certainly before watching this one. Personally I would suggest the “Death Note” anime and movies to anyone that likes movies that make you think, watching the battle of good and evil, and or involve investigations. There are twists, some that you may be able to guess, some that may surprise you, and the characters are strongly developed and interesting enough to suck you in. If you liked/loved the first movie there is a good chance you will like “Death Note 2: The Last Name” and for those fans of the manga/anime you may too if you look at them as standalone movies inspired by the anime.

Review by Pandora
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