Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls

On DVD: 
Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Running Time: 
93 Minutes

So this is what passes as a family Christmas movie now, I have to say I’m quite disappointed with the whole thing. From the generic plot of two neighbors getting so caught up in showing who has more Christmas spirit and finally both remembering what the season is suppose to be about and making amends with each other and their families to ripping off other Christmas movies “Deck The Halls” is dull, boring, and even awkward for those watching. Just because you hit the basics with trees, snow, lights, sleighs, and carols does not make a movie a wonderful Christmas treasure.

The whole thing felt uninspired from the acting to the story. And there were more than a few plot holes one that comes to mind is the two wives becoming friends out of nowhere. And the lessons learned come quick without too much focus on why they were needed. Now if you think I am being harsh as the PG rating suggests this might be a family/kids Christmas movie think again. You have 15 year old girls dating sailors about to be shipped out (& no they didn’t get in trouble it was okayed by the parents), a stolen Christmas tree by the adults with no punishment by law, and the 2 dads at one point yelling out sexist comments to 3 girls on stage until they realized the girls were their daughters. Does this sound like a kids movie?

About the only thing that kept me from giving this movie the F the plot and acting deserved was the background. The lights on the house, the activities in the town, and the snow were the only things present that even resembled a Christmas movie to me. It is obvious that the budget was spent solely on the lights and not the production.

After watching “Deck The Halls” I quickly had to turn on the TV as an attempt to wash away the bad after taste that it had left. Lucky for me there is still some time to get into the Christmas spirit and leave this movie far behind.

Review by Pandora
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