Dinosaur 13

Dinosaur 13

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015
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100 minutes

They were a team of paleontologist based out of Hill City, South Dakota lead by Peter Larson that didn't have much but what they lacked in materials and money they had in skill. While out in the badlands of South Dakota, in 1990 the team finds a T-Rex fossil that startled them because at once they realized this was a discovery that's a once in a lifetime discovery. This T-Rex quickly becomes known as “Sue”, the largest and most complete T-Rex that's ever been found. It's a discovery that not only will change the life of the ones that found Sue but it's one that will change the world, along with shock and stun the world. Just as quickly as the Black Hills Institute digs up Sue, the U.S. Government comes along to take her away from them. For the next 10 years the team and the world are drawn into a fight for the rights to Sue as well as trying to stay out of prison and in the end, well in the end you will just have to watch to learn.

If you like dinosaurs and have done any sort of research into the field of paleontology, then you will know about the T-Rex called Sue. Back in the late 80's and into 1990, a small team finds the largest and most complete T-Rex fossil ever. Everything seems great for the team as they make a deal with the land owner,  Maurice Williams, for the rights to Sue. But before the team can really do anything the U.S. Government comes along to say that they have done everything illegally, that they are not only stealing from Maurice Williams, but they are stealing from the United States. Sue and everything the Black Hills Institute has uncovered, regardless of what it is, is taken and put into storage while the team gets sent to court to stand traild for multiple crimes.

This docutmentary is one that I was told by a friend to be sad and depressing, which I wondered how could this be that? Afterall, I grew up in the time when this was going down, I heard about Sue, I remember when the exhibit opened up at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois but I just knew that there was some story involving the fossil. Once I watched this documentary I learned that there was so much going on with this fossil that it just blew my mind. This documentary is not a one sided telling from the team that found the fossil, it includes accounts from the other side that was arresting the people that had found Sue. By the end I realized that what my friend had told me about the documentary was true, it is sad and depressing.

So this movie has both good and bad points going for it. The good ones are that the information being given in this documentary is comprehensive and informative. By the end I had a good deal more idea of what had happened from the start to the ending that I was amazed by what was done to these people. It's also good because it's formatted in a way that there's not too much information being thrown at you that you just get overwhelmed by what's going on. This documentary is set up really nicely because it keeps you interested in what's being told from start to end. The bad, is that throughtout the documentary they use subtitles on the screen to explain who the people are, give more information, but they have it all in white. Now at times that don't hurt, but when the background to the screen is also white the words gets blended into the background to the point where I didn't know what was being shown. I had to pause it, get up, and get in front of the TV set to read what was on it. Maybe on a better TV set this isn't a problem, but for mine, it was a big problem and I got tired of having to figure out what was being wrote on the screen. But beyond that, Dinsosaur 13 was really interesting, I really enjoyed watching it, though it does make me a little sad on how it Sue was handled, but that's what this documentary is trying to get across, the handling of this discovery that changed the world.

This documentary looks really good on Blu Ray as well as sounds great. When it first starts, the cinematography along with the editing and the picture quality has this looking more like a higher end movie rather than a documentary. The picture and color quality on this is really sharp and clear, though again I would have liked the subtitles to have been clearer, that's the only fault to the Blu Ray. It includeds a lot of extras that add to the story and some deleted scenes. It's a good Blu  Ray and a good documentary to watch.

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