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Doctor Who

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010
The Doctor Returns

The show will start to air again with Episode 8 Saturday August 27 at 9/8c on BBCA.

When strange things are afoot then the Doctor (played by Matt Smith) is sure to be near. Though the Doctor being around usually does mean something is going to happen it also means that there is hope that anything bad happening will turn out well in the end. That is as long as the Doctor lives past his future to be able to help everyone he visits in the past. Going to the Sixties in America, the Doctor along with newlyweds Amy (played by Karen Gillian) and Rory (played by Arthur Darvill) must find a way to remember a race of beings that are very easy to forget or the whole world might be doomed. While also having to fight off a threat in a bubble universe the Doctor meets someone who turns out to someone he loves more than anyone else in the whole universe.

Series 6 Part 1 of Doctor Who turned out to be a lot of fun to watch though this is something that I’m not surprised about. So what makes this show good? A lot of things do but it’s the 2 most important aspects that this show has that make it good, characters and script. Though, having good music that adds more suspense, drama, and emotions to the episodes also help out a lot in making the show fun to watch. There’s also the sets, the make up, the aliens, the extras, the special effects, and I could go on for awhile but it’s all this that makes Doctor Who such a good show and one that don’t get old.

This new Doctor played by Matt Smith took me a few episodes to get to like during the past series but now here in series 6 I like how he portrays the character. This newest Doctor is someone that’s funny, likes to crack a joke about his wardrobe, and like all the others will do anything to assure the safety of his friends. Who also are a lot of fun to watch mainly because now this time around the girl who is helping the Doctor is not like the others who is love with the Doctor. This new direction where the female sidekick, Amy played by Karen Gillian, is a newlywed who has her husband Rory along for the trip is something that I have been liking with the show. Though the few moments of the indecisiveness of does she or don’t she was a little annoying but it was something that didn’t hurt the show any.

With the shows stories I didn’t find any that I wasn’t liking and each one is something that’s different from the last but the show still continues on with the theme of one main plot point that appears throughout the episodes. Steven Moffat is one of the series writers and head writer for the show, who has given this latest series a really fun 7 episodes to watch. He has been able to write the show in a way that gives out a lot of information as to what is going on at the moment but at the same time only tells enough to get me wanting more. There’s a lot of mystery in this show but it’s what makes the show so fun because I don’t really know what will happen next. Being that this is the eleventh Doctor I really don’t know if he will live or die at any moment, and the same goes for Amy and Rory, which makes for some good suspense when something seems to be going wrong for the characters.

Though one thing that I found a little disappointing with these first 7 episodes is that only 2 of them were done in the States. I was thinking that the series would have been coming to the States a lot more than what they did to give me a view of what the Doctor might think of the States, which they did with showing him in the cowboy hat, which was really funny. However, this is the only downside that I saw in the show, well that and the fact that there is only 7 episodes in this first part of Series 6.

A lot of times I can’t compare the difference between a show being on television first and then it being on Blu Ray. This time I can and I can tell you it makes a huge difference. I know that Blu Ray gives a great quality look to most of what’s being shown, but this time I was really able to see how big a difference there is between a show even on HD to a show being on Blu Ray. The first difference between the 2 is the size of the picture. When the show was aired on TV, while it was still on a HD set, the size of the picture was a small square in the middle of the screen with the top, bottom, and sides of it being cut off to show only the bars. While it looked decent on my 32 inch screen, having it scaled down to what looked to be maybe 20 inches don’t help to make the show fun to watch. With the Blu Ray I got to see the show on my whole screen with nothing being cut or shrunken down.

This was not all, the picture quality is superb on Blu Ray compared to being on air. While it does look good on my HD set there’s this slight hint of haze to the show that is not there on the Blu Ray. On Blu Ray there’s no haze, the colors are brilliant and most of all the sound levels are really good. My only gripe about the Blu Ray is that there was only 1 special feature included and it was only 10 minutes long.  

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