Dumbo (Big Top Edition)


On DVD: 
Tuesday, June 6, 2006
Running Time: 
64 minutes

This is a heartwarming classic Disney movie. Dumbo is a little elephant with big ears and he is picked on. Picked on so bad that his mom steps in to defend him and is locked up as a mad elephant. From there Dumbo is made a clown and forced to jump into a small pool for laughs. But with the help of Timothy Mouse, Dumbo discovers his talent of being able to fly.

I was surprised with how short Dumbo is being only 64 minutes. This proves a movie does not have to be an epic to be wonderful. There is also bonus features for children and adults. For a younger crowd DisneyPedia “My First Circus” Game is a simple game where a picture of an animal is shown and you answer what animal it is, a DVD storybook “Dumbo’s Big Discovery” where you can read along, sing along songs for “Look Out For Mr. Stork” and “Casey Junior”, and a music video for “Baby Mine” performed by Jim Brickman & Kassie DePaiva. The bonus short “Elmer Elephant And The Flying Mouse” is perfect for all ages. And then for older fans of Dumbo will enjoy “Celebrating Dumbo” feature with Disney employees talking about what made Dumbo special and what they enjoyed about it, Walt Disney’s original introduction for the TV premiere, and a Dumbo art gallery. As usual Disney scores big with their special edition treatment of an old classic.

Review by Lisa Wincott