Dumbo (BLU-RAY)


On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Running Time: 
64 minutes

This film and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are the only classic Disney films to use watercolored backgrounds (they were used in this film because they were cheaper than the gouache and oils used for Pinocchio and Bambi) and the last time they were used until Fantasia/2000.

Dumbo is one of the only early Disney films that I never fell in love with. I’m not sure why but after my Nana took me to see it once I never sought it out again, and I’ve owned almost all of the Disney titles on VHS and DVD (my Blu-Ray collection is moving slow). Seeing it now I can’t say that the story really wowed me. It all seemed to be a blur of actions that rushed straight to the end of the film with no real factor that made me appreciate it more, now that I’ve lived a long and experienced life. In any case, the film failed to wow me but the Disney Blu-Ray treatment once again left me in awe.


If you own or have seen the Pinocchio BD release you’ll know what your in for. In both of these films the early hand drawn art form that made Disney so amazing back then looks fantastic in HD with brilliant razor edges and a boost in color, but its image is preserved rather then altered for enhancement. Its hard to think that the picture looks the same and also looks better but that’s exactly what it is. It’s just another amazing BD release from Disney that makes you put stock in the fact that the Mouse is still treating its properties with kid gloves and care. Audio is great offering up a 7.1 Surround Sound track which has its moments of immersion but mostly sticks to keeping dialogue warm and crisp and adding depth to the films soundtrack. Just exceptional.

~Disney View - The film is in its original full screen aspect and like with Pinocchio Disney has allowed artist James Coleman to hand draw panels that shift with the motif of the film to fill in those black bars that would otherwise be on the side of your screen. I really enjoyed this feature.
~Cine-View - Pixar director Pete Docter, Disney historian Paula Sigman and Disney animator Andreas Deja offer up a running commentary via picture in picture for the film in this feature.
~Taking Flight: The Making Of Dumbo
~Deleted Scene and Deleted Song - For the first time these two additions are included in a Dumbo release.
~The Magic of Dumbo: A Ride of Passage - A Heartfelt Look At Disneyland.
~Bonus Shorts
~DVD Copy
~Original TV Introduction from Walt Disney
~Disney Family Play - Games
~Art Galleries
~Sound Designs

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