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For long years the land of Izmer has been ruled by the elitist group of Mages that like being on top and in power. It’s still not enough power though for Profion (played by Jeremy Irons), an evil Mage who wants even more power. His plan to acquire the power he needs to rule over the land of Izmer is to take control of dragons. When he first fails at controlling a dragon Profion learns of a red sceptre that will grant the weilder control over the red dragons. It will take the help of two theives Ridley (played by Justin Whalin) and his best friend Snails (played by Marlon Wayans) along with a Mage in training Marina (played by Zoe McLellan) to put a stop to Profion before he destroys the land of Izmer.

Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God
It’s been 100 years since the battle that took place in the first movie. During that time Damodar (played by Bruce Payne who also played the same character in the first film) has been searching for artifact that is pure evil. Because he has been undead for all those years Damodar wants to find this artifact to help him destroy everything that the decendants of the characters from the first movie have created. This time it will take the help of a female barbarian, a Cleric, an elven wizard, a fighter, and a rogue to stop the reawakening of Faluzure.


My thoughts on Dungeons & Dragons:
‘Dungeons & Dragons’ is based off the role playing game of the same name where everything takes place in a land where there are dragons, wizards, knights, kings and queens, and all sorts of other fantasy ideas. This movie had a lot of potential to be something really cool. There’s just so many different ideas that could have been used, so many different characters and creatues, it’s almost limitless as to what could have been done with this movie. However, none of it was really used.

Here the plot is the basic of most of this genre of movie where one group think they are better than everyone else but there is someone who wants to change the way things work. When doing so the antagonist of the story strikes out to take control of the land by convincing the elitist group that he’s doing what needs to be done to protect the land and the people. Of course there’s the unlikly hero that will go through facsimile of training as he searches for an item that will help him stop the antagonist. Along the way the unlikly hero will form a group of even more unlikly friends that end up forming a very strong group of fighters. About the only thing that makes this part of the Dungeons & Dragons game would be the dragons and a few of the characters that appear in the movie. If not for these very few things this movie would be no different than any other science fiction fantasy movie that has been put out.

What hurts the movie though is the acting. Every actor, including Jeremy Irons, over plays their roles. Watching these actors was as if I had been watching people that had got together to make fun of the topic of the movie rather than trying to make the characters believable. The character ‘Snails’ was played the worse by Snails Marlon Wayans. His performance made the character really annoying and wasn’t funny at all. At no time was I actually rooting for his character to survive any of the fights he was getting into, that’s how annoying he is.

What’s even worse is the lack of any type of fun action and fighting in the movie. Considering this is based off a game where pretty much anything is possible depending on the imagination of the player, what’s in the movie is just lame. It was feeling like I had been watching a movie for 2 hours when it had only be just over an hour and by the time it did reach the end I was almost on the verge of going to sleep.

What I thought of Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God:
There’s a big difference between this second movie and the first. That difference being that this movie actually felt like it was from the game rather then just a movie with the name of the game attached to it. What’s more impressive is that this movie had a low budget compared to the first film and the cast was made up of realitive new comers and it ended up being a better movie.

‘Wrath of the Dragon God’ is far from being a movie that deserves any awards or considered a must see movie but compared to the first, it’s the one I would prefer to watch. Here the characters are actually fun to watch and seem to fit in with the world that has been made up for them. Not only that but the world seems more realistic in this movie then it did the first.

The major difference between this second movie and the first is that this one is not as light hearted as the first. For me this helped make this movie better then the first because the subject is just not a light hearted style. Having to fight for you life against evil monsters, the undead, and dragons, the overall feel should be a harder edge and a little dark. This is exactly how this second movie was done and it’s because of this darkness that the plot and characters have that makes it better.

Still, it’s just a mildly decent movie to watch and one that don’t need watching the first one to understand it. There’s less special effects used in this movie, at least that I could see or maybe this one just had better effects that they were harder to spot. Either way it has a better visiual aspect to it than the first has. It also has better acting, not great, but at least in ‘Wrath of the Dragon God’ the actors are not overacting. These actors also have a better chemistry between each other making their overall performance better.
Overall Thoughs on Both Movies:
The first one is a sad let down for a movie that could have been so much better and because it was so horrible the second movie seemed to be that much better. Though if I were to watch just the second one without ever seeing the first I would have been better off though the second one might ot have seemed as good if I had done that. Neither movie is near to being the best science ficiton/fantasy movie ever made, but at least the second movie showed that with a little more effort there was a chance that “Dungeons & Dragons” could be fun to watch.Considering this is a Blu Ray movie neither really was that impressive. Less so with Dugeons & Dragons because it was the first of the two and was made before the technology that makes Blu Rays so good. With the first movie the effects look more like a computer game than they do real. As for the second movie, it looks better than the first only because it don't rely on so many special effects that the first one did. Still though, the picture quality of both movies is just about average and I didn't see any improvement with it being on Blu Ray. 

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