Eastwick (PREVIEW)

Wisteria Lane meets Charmed.  I think the guys over at ABC sat down in one of their meetings and said “Hey, Team, Desperate Housewives is doing so well what else can we make out of that same recipe? Well, Bob, let’s keep the same characters and sets and just make the women real witches! But, Team, the DH already has bitches. No, Bob, we said witches. In fact lets just remake something like everyone else is doing! Ya Ya!”

Seriously though this really is DH all over. But I gotta say it woks. I liked it. I got sucked in totally (and I’m NOT a DH fan). It has a decent (albeit already done) story, really good actors (I was a wee tiny bit scared they were going to suck) and great cinematography.

If you’ve seen John Updike's original movie “The Witches of Eastwick” then you know the plot. Three middle-aged women in a sweet New England town each makes a wish to change their lives. Then conveniently a tall dark stranger arrives in town and makes those wishes come true. Havoc then ensues.

Meet our cast of characters: Roxie (Rebecca Romijn – no hot blue body paint this time guys) the kooky sexy extrovert financially broke artist; Kat (Jamie Ray Newman) the care giving nurse/mom married to an alcoholic out of work jerk; Joanna (Lindsay Price ) the shy awkward intelligent newspaper writer that always seems to say the wrong thing ; and last but oh so not least is Darryl Van Horne (Paul Gross) aka the Devil, Beelzebub, Lucifer, dude with the horns and pointy tail, ya you know the one. Each actor does an outstanding job with his or her character! All around them is also a great supporting cast: Ashley Benson as Mia, Roxie’s teenage daughter, Jon Bernthal as Raymond Gardener, Veronica Cartwright as Bun Waverly, the crazy old historian, Sara Rue as Penny, Joanna’s friend and coworker, and Johann Urb as Will, Joanna’s heavy crush.

So Roxie, Kat and Joanna each make a wish in fountain to change their lives. Not one of them would previously give another the time of day. They just didn’t float in the same circles. But this whole wishing thing got them to sit down to diner together. Soon they become the best of friends. Their wishes? Roxie wants an extremely rich man that loves art and sex. Kat just wants someone that will care for her for a change. And Joanna wants to be noticed. Van Horne, being the nice guy that he is, delivers all of these wishes and awakens a power in each woman to help them out. But Joanna’s friend, Penny, has been doing some detective work and finds that Van Horne isn’t what he seems to be.

When I first heard of this tv show I was scratching my head trying to think of a way that they could make that hideous movie into a series. There just wasn’t that much to it to carry us through a whole season let alone more. But I think they’ve got something here. There is enough going on to keep us entertained for at least one season. Shoot, how long has Desperate Housewives been on and it’s not that much more creative. The pilot takes me back to the Charmed days. I don’t think these ladies will be banishing demons but you never know.  It’s the sisterhood that they are building (and maybe because there are three of them).

I want to see this show make it and stay on the air. I want to see more. I give it an A+.

Review by Sheree Cobernus