Fair Game (BLU-RAY)

Fair Game

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Running Time: 
104 min

Sean Penn portrays former US Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson (born 06 Nov 1949), the husband of Valerie Plame Wilson; not to be confused with US Congressman Joe Wilson (born 31 Jul 1947), Republican, South Carolina, District 2. Neither Wilson has served in the US Senate. This is a point of fact intended to dispel confusion. ~IMDB

From the Director of The Bourne Identity and starring Academy Award Winner Sean Penn and Academy Award Nominee Naomi Watts comes Fair Game. Fair Game is based on the real-life of CIA Officer Valerie Plame and books written by herself and her retired ambassador husband Joe Wilson (The Politics of Truth and Fair Game) . Its your usual political drama starring both Penn and Watts. Its actually a pretty decent film but Penn’s proactive approach towards exposing the Bush era conspiracies by starring in anything political he can find is like trying to find joy in watching Matt Damon always play the smartest guy in the room.

Fair Games picture is pretty fantastic keeping a fine detail and sharp clear picture devoid of things like grain and off levels. Color is a tad but muted here and there but overall its there isn’t much to complain about. Audio has some issues with balance. For a dialogue heavy film it seems to compete with the films soundtrack which is bass heavy. Using subtitles to make sure you grab every word, which in a political thriller is important, doesn’t help as much since the text is white and a  majority of the film is either shot in the CIA building which has a white motif or in the Middle East which has beautiful bright backdrops.


While the BD has only one bonus feature its actually a pretty cool one. For the one and only bonus feature you get a commentary track with Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson, the couple this film is based on. Of course there is a bit of disappointment in the fact that there is just that.

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