Fame (2009) (BLU-RAY)

It's a mess of a movie. If you don't mind not caring about characters, not getting endings to storylines and jumping into the future to drastically that you are left confused, watch this movie!

Fame is a mess of a movie, with no cohesiveness or completed character arcs to be seen.

It's good but it's not great.  I've seen musicals shine better than this as it gets a little dark through various points in the movie.

Digital copy, Theatrical and extended versions, deleted scenes, music video, character profiles, featurettes.

As I said, the movie is a mess.  There are no real stars to the movie and it jumps so drastically in timeframes that you really don't care about anyone nor do you get completion to any story.  There are sporadic dance sequences and songs thrown in for no reason and it will leave you simply not caring about anyone or anything involved in this movie whatsoever.  There is a claim on the back that the extended version features more than 15 minutes of additonal dance footage but I'd be surprised if there was even 15 minutes of dancing total even with additional.

Peter Oberth
Review by Peter Oberth
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