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Sep 25, 2009

With a movie already made as well as a television series, Fame is nothing new to be hitting the media. Fame is a movie that is about a group of teenagers that is trying out for the performing arts school so they can learn how to sing, dancing, playing a multitude of instruments, and acting. Thousands of teenagers have come to the school to first try out just to get in and then to do a lot of work to stay in. While in this school they form friendships, fall in love, and have heartbreaks as they learn the field of performing arts they would like to do. In this school they have some tough to impress instructors that will let these kids know in an instant that they either have what it takes or they don't have it in the arts market.

Before going in I had already built up a judgment of what the movie was going to be about and like. That was I thought it would be nothing but a bunch of people going around singing and dancing. Though this is somewhat the case, it's not to the extent that I was thinking it was going to be. How I was thinking that the singing was going to be on the lines of a musical number, it was nothing like that. The songs that were performed, though a few were kind of musical, the majority of the songs performed were of today’s style of music. Some of the songs were hip/hop, with a mixture of classical and some rock thrown in. Even better was that they didn't feel the need to just have everyone singing at every moment like I thought the movie would be. What songs that were sung were done in a decent manner and at the right time in the film making it fit good in that point of the movie.

As for the other parts that I was thinking there would be lots of, like the dancing, there really wasn't that much of it either. Sure there was a good amount but it was well balanced. That balance is what impressed me with the film. If there had been more of one or all of the subject matter than I think Fame would have just become another of the many remakes that flop. But with actors like Kelsey Grammer, Megan Mullally, and Bebe Neuwirth the acting in the film was one of the driving forces of the movie.

The rest of the cast of people that I have never seen before done a decent job in their performance. Fame is not dependant on entertaining the viewers by just giving them songs and dances, but instead a story line and a cast that is likable. There is a good range of emotions that Fame has going on in it and it's because of the actors that those emotions are shown. While watching this movie there were times that people were laughing out loud to wanting to scream at the screen, no what are you thinking. Though this is not my typical film I would want to see I couldn’t say it was a bad movie. In fact just going off the reaction of the audience I would have to be impressed. It's not often that nearly the whole theater is making that amount of noise and doing it because they like the film and not because someone just popped out of a dark corner to scare them.

Fame has a good, inspiring story line that is backed up with a cast that makes the film enjoyable. Nothing in Fame is overbearing or over done. With it centering around the lives of the students rather than them just singing and dancing the movie was good enough that I did enjoy it. Though I did enjoy it there were a few moments that I thought was just too cliché, like the angry student that don't want to let the teacher help, and then the one student that has a good life and talent but parents that are pushing it on them without caring what they want. I think it would have been a better film without having these stereotypical characters in the film but even though they are there and I didn't care for them, they still fit well enough so that it didn't hurt the film. By the time Fame was over, I had walked out feeling like that I hadn't just wasted my time watching it.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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