Family Guy: Volume 4

Family Guy

On DVD: 
Tuesday, October 30, 2007

With the recent decline of the Simpsons this series has quickly become one of my favorite. Horribly offensive in tackling things going on in the world today is what makes it one of the funniest and smartest shows out there. But of course by now you know if you like it or not. Now I saw this season on TV; but I watched it anyway and found it nice that it was unrated. That’s right the f word is dropped several times.

Of course though with a release like this you know it has to have bonus features. There is commentary on every episode by Seth MacFarlane and other cast & crew. Also there are multi-angle scene studies. There are 3 featurettes “A Director’s Life: Debunking The Myth”, “Peter Shin Draws Stewie”, and “Behind The Scenes: A Glimpse Into The Family Guy Office”. But if you can’t get enough of the show there are over 40 deleted scenes to watch. If you purchase this set also be sure to check out the online content too.

Review by BT Wood